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Having an accident is a stressful situation, obviously. The aggravation of not having my vehicle, having to take time off work and everything else associated with this matter was mitigated by two truly professional and highly competent folks on your team. Too often, people send complaints. Not often enough do people report GREAT service! First, Steve Healy was fantastic. He was able to explain things in a manner that demonstrated competence and compassion. His strong suit is definitely EMPATHY! You should be proud to have Steve working for you in his role as General Manager. Additionally, you can rest assured he takes great care of the people he comes in to contact with, some of whom have no desire to be there through no fault of their own. When the state locked the title, he was quick to communicate with them that the van had been released. When I say quick, I mean MINUTES! I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention another gentleman who helped me on my second visit to the facility late in the day. His name, I believe if memory serves me, is Cornelius. He too was competent, encouraging, professional and demonstrated great empathy with his pleasant and friendly demeanor! Again, you are fortunate to have him working with you. I just felt that as they exhibited behaviors about which you’d be proud, you should know about it! Please congratulate them with my kind thanks and regards!

- Gerry Blouin

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